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Senior Project Manager

Reference No.: SPMWAW


Province: mazowieckie [en]

  • Date of placement: 12.08.2019
  • Localization: Warszawa, province: mazowieckie [en] (Poland)
  • Category: Development
  • Position: Senior Project Manager

Our client is one of the key independent power producers in the European market and currently for their project in Poland are looking for a Senior Project Manager. In this position you will be required to manage the company’s projects, from the promotion of new opportunities to the delivery of the plant in working conditions, following the company’s strategies and guidelines and guaranteeing projects are carried out under the best conditions in order to contribute to the successful fulfillment of the business plan. You will also manage the company’s project during construction, supervision over the construction from Project Management perspective, budget and planning preparation, coordination of works in the field with landowners, authorities and subcontractors.


  • DEVELOPMENT OF THE BUSINESS PLAN – Collaborate in the identification of suitable geographical locations in which to construct wind farms in order to contribute to the achievement of the business plan objectives.
  • RELATIONS WITH THE AUTHORITIES – Keep the progress on the projects under your control up to date, promote the interchange of information and ensure that the objectives are met, in order to allow the progress of the running projects to be monitored. Establish a network of high level contacts throughout the Poland  with frequent ground presence. To establish proper relations during project development and construction.
  • RELATIONS WITH LANDOWNERS – Negotiate with the landowners the transfer of use of the affected ground for the wind farms, the power lines and the substations. To establish proper relations during project development and construction. Securing the land for future investments (wind & solar)
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT - In charge of projects from the identification of opportunities to the launch of their operations, following the company’s processes. Guarantee the fulfilment of delivery time and project costs from the beginning of the promotion stage, throughout the construction and until the beginning of operation.
  • COORDINATION - Supervise and coordinate teams involved for each projects phase (engineering, construction, purchasing, financing, M&A, Energy assessment, environment, legal consultancy...), in order to ensure the complete coordination of all interventions. To coordinate teams involved in securing the land for future investments (wind & solar)
  • KNOWLEDGE OF THE COMPETENCE SECTOR - Understand in great detail competitors and the main participants in the area’s wind business, to detect opportunities (purchase opportunities, market alterations, etc.), to foresee risks and threats to guarantee the company’s competitive position. Identify and forge potential cooperation with other promotion companies.
  • BUSINESS PLAN AND BUDGET ELABORATION – Take part in the definition and updating of the business plan and budget elaboration as regards the project assigned; take on the responsibility of fulfilling the delivery time and project costs in the assigned areas. Propose and support investment in those areas in order to achieve the objectives defined for the business unit.
  • INSTITUTIONAL REPRESENTATION – Represent the Company before transport and distribution energy-producing organizations and other organizations in the sector, and before Public Administration and Elected people with the aim of defending the Company’s strategic interests.

University Degree

Languages: polish and english

3-5 years experience in wind projects management




Senior Project Manager


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