KALE Recruitment- energy & construction vacancies accross the globe

Manufacturing / Technology

KALE Recruitment as a leader in technical recruitment also works with manufacturing facilities in finding the best talent. We have helped many clients from the aerospace, automotive, energy, building materials and industrial automation industry among others in finding the right fit for their growing production and manufacturing facilities. The positions covered in this area include R&D, product development, manufacturing planning, health and safety, quality assurance and control, maintenance and operations, purchasing and logistics and back office support.

We also support technology companies in providing the best IT solutions for the energy and manufacturing industries, including manufacturing, lighting and energy saving solutions, machinery. KALE works with software vendors and IT services companies; high tech equipment and electronics producers including chip technology developers, automation equipment providers, semiconductors and control systems for the energy generation/transmission area. Our clients in this sector are also companies implementing and selling innovative technology or software solutions from the automotive industry and electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers. In this area, we also cooperate with innovation incubators and startups all around the world.